Atlanta Has a Tardis Bar Where Doctor Who Fans Can Battle and Brew


You don’t have to travel across all of time and space, just to Atlanta, to find one of our favorite geeky bars in the universe — Battle and Brew. Like many gaming bars, they’ve got a huge selection of consoles and nerdy play things, but they’ve also got something you won’t find just anywhere. Yes, my friends, buckle up your seatbelts and fasten your bow ties — this bar has its very own Tardis. And it really is bigger on the inside.

Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes Battle and Brew

Atlanta Tardis Bar – The Game Rooms at Battle and Brew

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Upon stepping into Battle and Brew, you’ll first notice the top-of-the-line PC gaming stations populating the center of the lobby. There’s 24 in total, each equipped with DXRacer gaming chairs, headphones, and over 70 game titles. If you veer to the left before walking into this main room, however, you’ll step into a cozy little side nook dedicated to tabletop gaming. Morrigan, the sexy succubus from Darkstalkers, watches over and taunts you while you roll dice, plot, and scheme your way to victory or betrayal. Battle and Brew holds a library of over 60 tabletop titles, but you can also bring your own if you’ve got a favorite at home.

Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes Battle and Brew Morrigan Mural tabletop gaming

Battle and Brew PC gaming - Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes

Even deeper into the dungeon bar and almost hidden behind it, a lounge style room with dimmed lighting houses flocks of geeks who sip their drinks and recline on couches while playing Super Smash Bros on the big, flat screen tv in the back. In all, Battle and Brew flaunts 6 of these console stations, complete with large screen displays, where you can play Xbox, PS4, Wii U, or even old school Nintendo and Sega classics via their RetroN 5 system. They’ve got well over a hundred games and stay up-to-date with the latest, popular releases. And if you’d rather watch than play, you can always unwind while viewing the best and latest eSports that are continuously streamed across the 14+ tvs located throughout the bar.

The Bar – The Best of the Food and Drinks Menu at Battle and Brew

Battle and Brew Misty Knight drink menu - Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes

Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes Battle and Brew cocktail menu Misty Knight

The drink menu’s full of creative cocktails with names like Gin and the Holograms, Eggsecutor, and Blood for the Blood Gods. I opted for Misty Knight — a concoction of Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila, Creme de Framboise, pineapple, and egg white, topped with a sprinkling of lime zest and pink peppercorn. It looks a bit like a witch’s brew or something you might find on a faraway planet on your journeys with The Doctor. Battle and Brew also offers one of the best selections of craft beer in Atlanta and even hosts monthly beer dinners and wine tastings where the rarest wines & beers are paired with a special food menu specifically selected to perfectly complements each drink.

If you’re feeling especially hungry, you can always order some Dragon Talons (which may or may not just be chicken tenders with some sauce –not real dragon — but shhh, we won’t tell).  Want salad? They’ve got “Et tu Brute” (Caesar-style, of course). Or you could try one of my other two favorites — Cheese Me Up, Scotty (a tomato flatbread with Asiago, Mozzarella, and Cheddar) or Yoshi’s Egg (a six-minute egg with soy mirin broth, sesame, and sushi rice cake).

The Tardis – the Highlight of the Bar

Battle and Brew TARDIS bathroom - Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes

But, of course, you’re probably here because you love Doctor Who cafes, and the absolute best thing you’ll spot at Battle and Brew is none other than the real TARDIS that rests oh-so-casually near the back of the bar. A few moments admiring its beauty is all it takes to notice that the front door actually opens and a heavy, consistent flow of traffic continues to move in and out through its entrance. From its exterior, it appears to be no more than a box, a prop from the show. But just how many people can fit inside? Where are they all going? Just what is inside?

Ta-da! It’s the bathrooms! This TARDIS really is bigger on the inside. In fact, it houses not just one but multiple rooms inside! We looked and didn’t find a swimming pool, but we did encounter a long hallway connected to men’s and women’s bathrooms inside. You never would have guessed, looking at it from the outside, that all of that could have fit in its cozy interiors. I see you, Tardis Bar. And I salute you.

Battle and Brew Cosplay Nights

Extra Bonus: By far one of the coolest times to hang out at Battle and Brew, Cosplay Night occurs once a month (the 2nd Saturday of every month) and fills the bar with an extra dose of geeky goodness. If you’re missing DragonCon and craving its culture, this is the place to be.

Other Cool Features and Freebies at Battle and Brew

  • Ladies Free Nights – On Fridays, gals get to game for free. Always.
  • Half Price Tuesdays – Games are half off on Tuesdays. Every week. For anyone and everyone.
  • Geek Trivia Wednesdays – Every Wednesday. Winner takes home House cash.

Atlanta Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafes Battle and Brew bar

Battle and Brew’s open until 2:00 AM on most nights and is located at 5920 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA, 30328. For the latest info and up-to-date pricing, check them out at their website here.

Atlanta Tardis Bar / Doctor Who Cafe – Watch the Video!

And see how it’s bigger on the inside hehe.

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Tardis Bar Doctor Who Cafe Battle and Brew Atlanta gaming bar

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