I Made Friends with a Real Life Unicorn (and you can, too)

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A Real Life Unicorn Appears

I’d been walking for nearly six hours when I suddenly spot her. Something sparkling catches my eye a moment before, and when I turn in its direction, I realize it’s the shimmer of the sun reflecting off something far in the distance. I narrow my eyes to focus them, and when the haziness clears, I can discern that what I’m looking at is a horn. I spot her then, but my eyes still don’t dare believe that what I’m seeing could truly be a real life unicorn. That’s when I notice the sign. On a plain white background pastel pink and blue letters carefully spell out “Kira the Magical Unicorn” in a hand-drawn script.

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Meet Kira the Magical Unicorn

With no recollection of running to get there, I’m suddenly standing in front of her, mouth agape in awe and wonder.

“It’s a dollar to feed her,” a voice from behind me says. I turn around and see a man smiling and leisurely leaning on the fence. Behind him rests a large platform of what looks like hay, but I know it’s just an illusion designed to disguise the magical sunbeams and glitter clouds hidden underneath the spell. Unicorns don’t eat hay after all. My eyes move from the platform to meet the man’s eyes, and I give him a look that suggests I know his secret. The corner of his mouth curls into a smirk, but he says nothing.

I hand him a dollar and take the hay magical sunbeams, my fingers tingling and trembling from the excitement.

The unicorn stands behind a fence, but I know she’s there only because she wants to be. All around her children play and squeal with delight at her presence. She could get out of the enclosure if she so desired– unicorns can’t be tamed or fenced in– but she’s there for the children. Charmed by their innocence, she stays only for them.

I want to pet her, but I don’t dare spoil the beauty, so I kneel and hold out my hand to her instead. This is it. My moment. The closest I will ever be to a real life unicorn, and it’s a memory I won’t ever forget.

You Can Make Friends with a Real Life Unicorn, Too

[jumbotron background=”#8224e3″ color=”#ffffff”]EXPERIENCE THIS ADVENTURE:  Make friends with Kira by visiting the Georgia Renaissance Festival between April and June. Open weekends plus Memorial Day every year. Tickets currently cost $22 for adults and $10 for kids (5 and under free).

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6905 Virlyn B Smith Rd
Fairburn, GA 30213[/jumbotron]

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