Quirky Hotels in Australia – 10 Unique Stays in a Castle, Treehouse, Prison, Underground City, and More

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The best hotels in Australia are the ones that are just a little bit weird. Unique stays in quirky hotels have always been my favorite, and Australia has no shortage of them. So here’s the best of the best — our list of the top 10 unusual hotels in Australia.

Unique Stays in Quirky Hotels in Australia

Best Hotels in Australia - 10 Unique Amazing Unusual Australia Hotels

Stay in a Rainforest Treehouse – Silky Oaks Lodge

Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays - rainforest treehouse hotel Silky Oaks Lodge
Adventure Dragon stayed at this treehouse hotel thanks to Allison from Flights to Fancy

During our recent trip to Cairns, we stayed at Silky Oaks Lodge, a luxury treehouse hotel located inside the oldest continuously surviving rainforest on Earth. Some of the treehouses lie nestled beside the Mossman River. Some neighbor gardens. All have comfy beds, fancy bathrooms, and a cozy balcony equipped with a hammock for lounging. A separate treehouse houses a restaurant, and the resort is perhaps best known for its elegant outdoor dining experience.

You can read our article review of our stay at Silky Oaks Lodge here: (coming soon) or Click Here to Find the Lowest Prices and More Information

Stay in a Castle – Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle Suites Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays

Complete with a moat, drawbridge, armoury, and even a maze, Kryal Castle exists as both a theme park and a hotel, advertising itself as “Australia’s Only Legendary Land of Myth and Adventure.” Visitors can attend shows and dining experiences. Favorite attractions include the Royal Joust, Wizards Workroom, the Torture Dungeon, the Dragon’s Labyrinth, and the Jester’s Theatre. The 17 on-site Castle Suites come equipped with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a bar fridge, toaster, and a microwave, as well as give guests the opportunity to have the castle to themselves outside of normal opening hours once all theme park guests have headed home.

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Stay in an Underground City – Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy Underground Hotel - Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays
The upside-down ceiling umbrella catches surface dirt that falls down the ventilation shaft into the underground hotel room. Photo by Kerry Raymond via Wikimedia Commons

In the Outback desert 846 km (526 mi) north of Adelaide, a small town named Coober Pedy exists below the earth. To escape the scorching heat, residents build and spend most of their lives below ground. There you’ll find subterranean versions of everything from bookstores and bars to churches, homes, and shops. And hotels, too, of course. For people like you (me – pick me!) who are dying to check it out.

Click Here to See All the Hotels in Coober Pedy and View Their Latest Prices

You can also check out 5 Lost Together’s guide to spending one day in Coober Pedy over on their travel blog.

Stay in… a Crocodile?! – Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel

Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays - Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel
Tourism NT via Wikimedia Commons

Wait, is that right? You betcha — in Jabiru, Australia, you can indeed sleep inside a crocodile. Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel features four-star accommodation conveniently located near Kakadu’s top tourist attractions. It’s perhaps best known, however, for its uniquely shaped exterior, of course. So if you’ve ever had any weird fantasies about being swallowed whole by a croc a la Captain Hook style from Peter Pan, head on over to this hotel to make your quirky fairytale dreams come true.

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Stay in a Prison – Fremantle Prison YHA

Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays - Fremantle Prison YHA
Fremantle Prison by simo2582/Bigstock

Just nine miles from Perth in Fremantle, Australia, the old World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison now offers visitors the chance to sleep in jail cells as part of the Fremantle Prison YHA Backpacker’s Hostel. The prison housed criminals from 1855 to 1991, and the women’s division now exists as an award-winning backpacker’s hostel.

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Stay in a Fire Station – Fremantle Old Fire Station Backpackers Hostel

Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays - Old Fire Station Backpackers
Old Fire Station Backpackers in historic Fremantle, Western Australia by E. A. Given/Bigstock

In historic Fremantle, Australia, the old fire station has been renovated and repurposed into a backpackers hostel.

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And if you’re looking for more things to do during your quirky stay in Fremantle, our friend Claire has written an excellent Fremantle Attractions guide over on her blog Claire’s Footsteps.

Sleep Floating over the Great Barrier Reef – Reefsleep on Reefworld

Reefsleep on Reefworld - Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays
The Reefworld pontoon on the Great Barrier Reef by PomInOz/Bigstock

The Reefsleep experience lets visitors enjoy sleeping under the stars while floating on the water in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. The overnight experience includes a day of activities on board the Reefworld pontoon where you can snorkel, dive, swim, explore the reef from its 50 seat underwater observatory, or even ride a semi-submersible.

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Stay in a Lighthouse – Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Accommodation - Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays
Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse in New South Wales, Australia by Wirepec/Bigstock

You can stay in a heritage-listed Assistant Lighthouse Keepers’ cottage in Seal Rocks, Australia. Nestled in the hill directly below Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse’s functioning lightstation, two self-contained cottages now offer holiday accommodation to anyone looking for a unique vacation on the beach. Built in 1875, each cottage includes a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, two separate bedrooms, and modern conveniences such as a flat screen TV, DVD player, electric heating, and laundry room. Lying within Myall Lakes National Park, there’s also an abundance of walking and nature trails nearby, and since the lighthouse is still a working lighthouse, perhaps the best attraction is watching it light up the sky at night.


Sleep in a Zoo – Taronga Zoo Roar and Snoar

Taronga Zoo Roar and Snoar - Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays Sleep in a Zoo
Giraffe at Taronga Zoo on the shores of Sydney Harbour by StanciuC/Bigstock
Sleep in a Zoo in Australia Unique Stays in Quirky Hotels
Inside the luxury tents at Roar and Snoar | Photo by Taronga Zoo used with permission

Ever dreamed of sleeping inside a zoo? The Taronga Zoo in Sydney hosts an overnight program cleverly named Roar and Snoar. Dubbed “Sydney’s Ultimate Sleepover,” the unique hotel-like experience features welcome drinks, a buffet dinner, luxury campsite accommodation with stunning harbour views inside the zoo, and multiple intimate encounters with animals outside of regular park hours. In the evening, Roar and Snoar guests embark on a one-and-a-half hour private night safari before sleeping in specially constructed tents equipped with electricity, a fully blanketed double bed, and a single pop-up trundle bed. An on-site amenity house also provides bathrooms, showers, and clean towels. The event begins at 6:15 PM and concludes the following morning after a continental breakfast and two exclusive, behind the scenes tours & interactive keeper experiences. For more info, itinerary, and to book your stay, visit the Taronga Zoo’s Roar and Snoar page here.


Stay in an Old Steam Mill – Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel

Unusual Quirky Hotels in Australia Unique Stays - Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel
Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel near Adelaide by moisseyev/Bigstock

Originally established as a steam mill in 1854, the Hahndorf Old Mill supplied neighboring farmers with seed grain, servicing farmers as far away as Victoria, for over 60 years. Today it operates as a restaurant, bar, and hotel. The accommodation options overlook a tree-lined creek and feature Austrian inspired chalets with mezzanine floors and in-room spas.

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