100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Welcome to 100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas, the most comprehensive guide that you will ever find on the internet to 100% free attractions on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. (At least we sure hope so because it sure did take us forever to write this monstrous baby.) Whether you’re looking for free things to do in Las Vegas with kids, family, friends, or just going solo, we’ve definitely got you covered. This guide has something for everyone, including art lovers, nature lovers, gluttons, and sci-fi / fantasy fans.

Things You Can Do in Las Vegas for Free

  • free shows
  • free wildlife exhibits
  • free gardens
  • free aquariums
  • free art galleries
  • free food and drinks
  • free tours
  • free classes to take
  • free iconic photo spots
  • free clubs
  • free gambling

Las Vegas has plenty to do if you’re on a budget. If you follow this guide, you’ll get to visit a free flamingo exhibit, stroll through a free Japanese garden, watch a volcano erupt, make friends with mermaids, journey through Camelot, attend a free circus, watch a Venetian opera, stuff your tummy with free food, and tour the entire world without ever leaving the United States. Those are just a few of our favorites. We’ve listed 100 total free things to do in Las Vegas, so wherever your interests may lie, there’s plenty of activities for you to have fun without ever spending a penny in Vegas. Why spend all your savings when you can do Las Vegas for cheap?

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Our Favorite Free Thing to Do in Las Vegas – Watch a Free Show on the Las Vegas Strip

  • 1. See the Fountains of Bellagio free attraction in Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Fountains of Bellagio
© Adventure Dragon

This magical performance spans a 1,000-foot-wide water-stage and shoots water up to 460 feet in the air from over a thousand fountains that are perfectly timed and choreographed to music and lights.

  • 2. Watch the free fountain show at the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

This free Vegas Attraction is nowhere near as spectacular as the Fountains of Bellagio (it doesn’t even compare), but if you’re already in the area, it’s sometimes fun to stop and take a peek. You can also look for Aladdin or watch an indoor rainstorm while you’re inside this same mall (see other entries below).

  • 3. Witness an Indoor Thunderstorm inside the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas for free

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Indoor Thunderstorm at Miracle Mile Shops
© Adventure Dragon

This is a pretty neat free thing to do in Las Vegas with kids. Or without kids, too, if you’re like me and just really love quirky attractions like this. The performance only lasts 5 minutes but features fog clouds, gentle rain that gradually escalates to a downpour, rumbling thunder, and lightning. The fun part, of course, is that this all takes place indoors. You’ll find it in the middle of the Miracle Mile Shops mall right on the Vegas Strip.

  • 4. Witness the Fall of Atlantis free attraction at the Forum Shops of Caesars Palace Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Fall of Atlantis
© Adventure Dragon

The Fall of Atlantis uses animatronics, fireballs, fountains, special effects, a flaming sword, and even a 20-foot winged dragon to tell the tale of the famed city of Atlantis and its ultimate destruction.

  • 5. Watch free concerts and live bands at Le Cabaret Bar inside Paris Las Vegas Hotel

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Free Concerts at Le Cabaret Bar
© Adventure Dragon

Performances begin at 6:00 PM and run until late in the night or early morning.

  • 6. Watch out for mime games near Paris Las Vegas

Although they’re not official performers of the hotel, sometimes mimes and other street performers can be seen hanging out in front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, playing silly games and tricks on unsuspecting passersby. Unlike the other official performances on this list, there’s no set schedule or guarantee for seeing these guys, so you’ll just have to be on the lookout for them and try not to get your hopes up in case they’re not around during your visit. If you do happen to be lucky enough to spot one, however, stick around for the entertainment, and get a good laugh.

  • 7. Watch a Venetian opera & acrobats completely for free at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Watch a Venetian Opera
© Adventure Dragon

Officially titled the Carnivale de Venezia, this performance is one of the absolute best free things to do in Las Vegas. The opera consists of a musical ensemble of classically trained singers, dancers, and musicians in addition to jesters, jugglers, and acrobatics. It’s as close as you can get to attending a real Venetian carnival without ever going to Italy.

  • 8. See the Living Statues at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - See the Living Statues at the Venetian Hotel
© Adventure Dragon

The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas also features free daily performances of Living Statues. And by performance, we basically mean there’s a guy who, after being dressed and painted to look like an Italian Renaissance sculpture, acts out that role by doing doing…well…absolutely nothing. If you think that doesn’t sound like a big deal, however, I urge you to try standing absolutely still for over an hour without moving a muscle. It’s definitely not an easy feat, and that’s the appeal of this entire free attraction. The actors playing this role have definitely got to have some serious mental grit and fortitude.

  • 9. Singing Gondoliers at the Gondolier March at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

Twice a day the 12 gondoliers inside the Venetian Hotel band together to sing in unison while marching all throughout the Grand Canal Shoppes. If you miss the march, however, you can still hear the gondoliers singing throughout the entire day as they individually serenade anyone who rides in one of their gondolas.

  • 10. Attend the world’s largest permanent circus completely for free at Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Free Circus
© Adventure Dragon

The free circus runs every hour and features trapeze artists, acrobats, ladder stunts, unicycle tricks, and other similar stunts.

  • 11. Watch the Lake of Dreams at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

The Lake of Dreams showcases an illuminated video screen overlooking a glowing lake flanked by a 40-foot waterfall and various holographics that come alive with the help of over four thousand lights. Phew–that was a mouthful, right? Well, that’s how you’ll feel while watching this performance. It’s an eclectic free Las Vegas attraction that you definitely won’t want to miss!

  • 12. See Dueling Pianos played by Identical Twins at the Piano Bar at Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino

The Twins Dueling Pianos is the only identical twin and all-female dueling pianos show in the world. They play at Harrah’s every night, and it’s completely free to attend. The performance incorporates comedy and audio participation into an evening of fun and laughter where every song selected is always by request of the audience who is encouraged to sing along.

  • 13. See the Free Big Elvis Show at Harrah’s Piano Bar

It’s the longest-running Elvis tribute show in Las Vegas, and it takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:00, 3:30, and 5:00 PM. This Las Vegas attraction is free for everyone.

  • 14. Watch a volcano erupt in front of the Mirage Hotel for free

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Watch a Volcano Erupt at the Mirage Hotel
© Adventure Dragon

During this free Las Vegas attraction, you’ll actually feel the heat on your face as fireballs, steam, and water are hurled hundreds of feet into the air.

  • 15. Bally’s Free Swarovski Midnight Celebration

Every night at 9 PM and 12 AM, the Swarovski Starbust located above Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops comes alive in a spectacle of shimmering lights. The three-minute-long free production features multicolored, continuously changing lights that sparkle and radiate from the 4,000 pound starburst composed of 900 custom-cut Swarovski crystals and 1,800 LED lights. The entire structure measures 14 feet in diameter. This one’s worth a watch if you’re already near Bally’s, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way just to see it.

  • 16. Watch a free 10-minute-long 3D movie titled “I Lost My M in Vegas” at M&M’s World next to the MGM Hotel on the Strip.

If you’re looking for free things to do in Las Vegas with kids, this is probably something that they would like. It’s located inside M&M’s World, so while you’re there, your little ones will also get a kick out of seeing the largest M&M’s candy wall in the world. It stretches from floor to ceiling and is over 62 feet wide. It also contains 125 tubes of colorful M&M’s in 22 varieties and 11 flavors.

  • 17. See the magical Mermaid Swims at Silverton Casino Hotel

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Mermaid Swims at the Silverton Hotel & Casino
© Adventure Dragon

Unlike the other entries on this list, you’ll actually have to take free shuttle from the Strip to get to this free attraction in Las Vegas, but it’s one of my all-time favorite free things to do in Vegas, so I think it’s worth the extra effort. The Silverton Casino lies about 5 miles away from the Strip, but there’s a free shuttle that will transport you back and forth if you don’t have a car or prefer not to pay for an Uber. The mermaid performances take place three times a day from Thursday through Sunday.

  • 18. Interactive Stingray Feedings Show at the Silverton Aquarium

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Stingray Feedings at Silverton Aquarium
© Adventure Dragon

Since this free attraction is also located at the Silverton Hotel & Casino, you’ll need to take the free shuttle from the Strip to see this one as well. Feedings are daily at 1:30 and 4:30 PM and contain educational commentary and fun facts about stingrays.


For additional info on all the shows we featured on this list–including more pictures as well as full length videos, schedules, and showtimes–please check out our detailed guide:  10 Best Free Shows in Las Vegas


Free Nature and Wildlife Attractions in Las Vegas on the Strip

  • 19. Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Free Flamingo Habitat
© Adventure Dragon

You’ll find the free Flamingo Wildlife Habitat on the 15-acre grounds of the Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s open from dawn to dusk and won’t cost you a single penny to visit. In addition to Chilean flamingos, the habitat also houses Ring Teal ducks, Sacred Ibis, pelicans, swans, turtles, and fish. For more free things to do while you’re there, stop by at 8:30 AM or 2:00 PM to watch the daily pelican feedings.

  • 20. Koi Pond Waterfall Lagoon at The Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Flamingo Hotel Koi Pond Waterfall Lagoon
© Adventure Dragon

In a secluded back corner of the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, you’ll also find a pretty waterfall lagoon full of beautiful koi fish. For some reason, not as many people seem to venture all the way back to this area, choosing instead to stick closer to the flamingos up front, so it’s a bit quieter, more relaxed, and one of my favorite free places to visit in Vegas. The waterfall also makes a great backdrop for photos!

  • 21. Free Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio Conservatory – Japanese Garden

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
© Adventure Dragon

The Bellagio gardens change according to the season, but they always remain completely free for anyone to visit. If you arrive during the spring, you’ll likely find yourself strolling through a Japanese garden full of sakura cherry blossoms, waterfalls, a bamboo tea house, torii gates, bonsai trees, wisteria, stone lanterns, gigantic sculptures, and over 65,000 flowers. Fall is a great time to visit as well because the gardens are carefully crafted to tell the story of summer’s transition into autumn, and the results are always astounding. One of my favorites of such garden installments, titled “Falling Asleep,” features a Greek mythology-inspired slumbering figure of Persephone, complete with 38-foot wings and a dress made of oak leaves, hydrangeas, and roses. Three 14-foot fairies watch over her as she sleeps amid the gold and burgundy foliage of fall. Summer and winter each have their own special gardens as well, as does Chinese New Year. Regardless of which time you come to Vegas, you’ll be completely swept away by the magical enchantment of the Bellagio Conservatory gardens. It’s by far one of the most beautiful free things to see in Las Vegas.

  • 22. Tropical Rainforest inside the Mirage Hotel Atrium on the Las Vegas Strip

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Mirage Atrium Rainforest
The Mirage Atrium Rainforest | Photo Used with Permission from The Mirage Hotel / MGM

Las Vegas is a dry, desert city, but inside the Mirage Hotel, a lush, green forest thrives. You wouldn’t expect to find a place like this–full of real vegetation and life–inside the lobby of a hotel, and that’s the beauty of it. Even more amazing–the plants in this forest have been alive for decades now. You can even hear the soft trickle of waterfalls and bubbling of pools, and seeing it for the first time will take your breath away.

  • 23. The Park Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - The Park Las Vegas
The Park | Photo Used with Permission from MGM / The Park

Snuggled in between Park MGM and New York–New York, The Park (yes, that’s its official name) remains open 24 hours a day and provides a relaxing retreat in the middle of the crowded Strip. MGM Resorts and !Melk Architecture teamed up to build this $100 million green space. It contains over 7,000 Nevada-native shrubs, 250 trees made up of 20 different species, a small waterfall, desert-inspired shade sculptures (some as tall as 75 feet), cozy benches, and atmospheric lighting. It’s perhaps best known for its Burning Man inspired 40-foot-tall statue of a lady dancing at centerfold–the Bliss Dance statue. At night, she’s illuminated by 1,000 LED lights.

  • 24. Free Aquariums on the Las Vegas Strip

    • The Mirage Hotel lobby features a 53-foot long, 20,000 gallon saltwater aquarium located behind the check-in counter. It’s home to 450 fish belonging to 85 different species.
    • The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace contains a 50,000 gallon aquarium (located right next to the Fall of Atlantis) that is also completely free to visit.

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas for Art Lovers

  • 25. Marvel at the Fiori di Como glass art sculpture ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel constructed by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Fiori di Como glass art sculpture in the Bellagio
© Adventure Dragon

The glass ceiling of the Bellagio Las Vegas is actually an intricate sculpture that is carefully suspended above the front desk area of the hotel. The elaborate work–titled Fiori di Como–took artist Dale Chihuly two years to complete, weighs over 40,000 pounds, and consists of approximately 2,000 handblown glass flowers.

  • 26. Make a wish at the ethereal, plastic, purple willow tree inside ARIA Resort and Casino (and then stroll through the rest of the ARIA Fine Art Collection)

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - ARIA Fine Art Collection
© Adventure Dragon

The ARIA Fine Art Collection is a free, self-guided tour of art spanning all of ARIA’s campuses–ARIA Resort and Casino, Vdara Hotel and Spa, the Shops at Crystals, and Veer Towers. It features work by installation artists as well as acclaimed painters and sculptors. I especially adore the purple willow tree because it feels almost dream-like and makes me envision walking through a magical forest.

  • 27. See the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino’s award-winning lobby digital art installation, featuring a curated library of digital art that continuously displays across eight 15-foot columns as well as a panel that spans the entire length of the front desk.

  • 28. See a replica of Michelangelo’s David at Caesars Palace

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Replica of Michelangelo's David at Caesars Palace
© Adventure Dragon

There are multiple replicas of Michelangelo’s David at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. You can find a smaller one in front of a fountain outside the hotel entrance. There’s also a large, full-scale Statue of David replica located inside the Appian Way Shops. It’s eighteen feet tall, weighs more than nine tons, and is even sculpted from the same Italian marble that Michelangelo used–Carrara marble.

  • 29. Look Up! – Always pay attention to the ceilings of hotels, particularly inside the Venetian and Caesars Palace

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Ceiling Art Inspired by Sistine Chapel
© Adventure Dragon

All of the frescoes that adorn the ceilings in the Venetian Hotel were hand-painted by Italian artists. Many of the artworks are inspired by or designed to resemble famous masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel ceiling which was originally painted between 1508 and 1512 by Michelangelo.

  • 30. Visit the Art Galleries inside the Grand Canal Shoppes

    • Browse the Art of Venice shop inside the Grand Canal Shoppes
    • Visit the Animazing Gallery Fine Arts inside the Grand Canal Shoppes
    • View the Peter Lik Gallery inside the Grand Canal Shoppes
  • 31. The Art of Richard MacDonald

You’ll find this free gallery located inside Cirque du Soleil’s “O” theatre lobby inside the Bellagio Hotel. Master sculptor Richard MacDonald celebrates the human form through his bronze sculptures that showcase the strength, grace, power, and discipline of dancers and acrobats. This gallery is incredibly breathtaking, and I highly recommend that you don’t skip it.

Free Geeky Things to Do on the Las Vegas Strip for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Lovers

If you’re a fan of sci-fi / fantasy, comics, superheroes, mermaids, or mythology, you’ll probably love these free Vegas attractions.

  • 32. See Your Favorite Marvel Action Heroes at the Avengers Station Exhibit inside Treasure Island

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Marvel Avengers Station Exhibit in Treasure Island Hotel
© Adventure Dragon

Avengers Station is located inside Treasure Island Hotel. The immersive game experience is not free, but a stroll through the gift shop exhibit will cost you absolutely nothing. It’s a great opportunity to take a selfie posed in front of one of you or your little one’s favorite Marvel heroes.

  • 33. See the recycled metal sculptures at Kalifano inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Recycled Metal Sculptures Stormtrooper at Kalifano
© Adventure Dragon

Yes, that’s a Star Wars stormtrooper made out of car parts! Kalifano has been in operation since 1912 and sells many unique items, but the recycled metal sculptures are our favorite. There’s always so many of them constantly on display, and they’re truly astounding!

  • 34. Stroll through Excalibur Castle, and pretend you’re a fair maiden or knight living in Camelot

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Excalibur Castle Camelot
© Adventure Dragon
  • 35. Go hunting for gods – and find Poseidon from Greek mythology at Treasure Island

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Treasure Island Poseidon Statue
© Adventure Dragon

You’ll find various gods, sirens, creatures of myth, and other memorable figures located throughout Caesars Palace and Treasure Island, so both hotels are a great place to visit if you or your little ones are lovers of myth and magic.

  • 36. Make a wish in the Fountain of the Gods at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Fountain of the Gods Caesars Palace
© Adventure Dragon

The Fountain of the Gods is inspired by the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, which is customary for wish-making, and features sculptures of various gods such as Zeus and Poseidon. It’s a wonderful spot to sit, enjoy a drink, and watch the ceiling change colors as if it’s a real sky.

  • 37. Visit the pirate ship located in Siren’s Cove at Treasure Island, and pretend that you’re a pirate, too

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Siren's Cove Treasure Island Pirate Ship
© Adventure Dragon
  • 38. Look for Aladdin in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Aladdin at Miracle Mile Shops Planet Hollywood
© Adventure Dragon

The former Desert Passage Shops of the Aladdin Hotel have been retired and reborn as a Planet Hollywood, but part of the Aladdin themery still lives on inside the new Miracle Mile Shops. It’s one of my favorite free places to visit because it makes me feel like I’m strolling through Agrabah and will spot Princess Jasmine or Aladdin at any moment. The ceiling of the mall is even painted to look like a real sky, so you feel like you are in an outdoor market even though you’re not.

  • 39. See Sci-Fi and Fantasy movie props inside Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

The Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas has dozens of sci-fi and fantasy movie props on display from major Hollywood Blockbuster films. My favorite from their collection is the sword used by the Lord of Darkness in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film, Legend, starring Tim Curry, Tom Cruise, and Mia Sara.

Free Larger than Life Candy Attractions in Las Vegas on the Strip

  • 40. See the Twizzler Statue of Liberty at Hershey’s Chocolate World

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Twizzler Statue of Liberty at Hershey's Chocolate World
© Adventure Dragon

This 9-foot tall statue is made from 23,000 Twizzlers that collectively weigh 1,300 lbs. It took 6 artists 6 weeks to make. (When we visited, there was a hockey game going on, so she was wearing a jersey.)

  • 41. See the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio Hotel

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - World's Largest Chocolate Fountain at Bellagio Hotel
© Adventure Dragon

It took Gold Medal World Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, two years of engineering, planning, and designing to create this fountain–the world’s largest chocolate fountain. It combines white, medium, and dark confectionary grade chocolate into a work of art with over 500 feet of stainless steel piping. From the lower level pump room, the chocolate rises 27 vertical feet into the heart of the fountain.


Free Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas / Free Old Vegas Attractions

  • 42. See a water slide through a shark tank at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel on Fremont Street

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Water Slide Through Shark Tank at Golden Nugget Casino
© Adventure Dragon

This 200,000 gallon shark tank aquarium features a 30-foot tall water slide that zooms right through the center of it all. The pool is free for hotel guests, but non-guests can gain entry to the area for free as long as they plan to visit the gambling tables on the decks. It’s also easy to gain free access in the evening hours once the crowds have died down and the tank becomes illuminated by special nighttime lighting.

  • 43. See the world’s largest golden nugget

After you’ve finished gaping at the water slide through a shark tank, you can go gawk at the world’s largest golden nugget because it’s located inside the same hotel. The Golden Nugget Casino Hotel bought it for a million dollars sometime after an Australian man found it in 1980. The nugget, named “Hand of Faith,” weighs almost 62 pounds!

  • 44. Experience the world’s largest video screen at the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision Light Show

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - World's Largest Video Screen at Fremont Street Experience
© Adventure Dragon

The world’s largest video screen is so big that I couldn’t even capture the full length of it in one single photo. In total, the screen stretches 1,500 feet (460 m) long, which is about four blocks of vibrant video and lights flashing above your head.

  • 45. Watch zipliners zoom over your head as you walk through the Fremont Street Tunnel and watch it light up at night

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Fremont Street Experience SlotZilla Ziplining
© Adventure Dragon
  • 46. Watch D Casino’s Dancing Dealers

At D Casino Hotel on the iconic Fremont Street in Las Vegas, the casino dealers actually get up on the gambling tables and dance to sexy music while you’re playing. This is something that’s unique to this particular casino and is a reason why many love to venture downtown to Old Vegas. You won’t find girls dancing on the tables at the casinos on the Strip. It’s what D Casino is known for best!

  • 47. See the world’s largest slot machine – SlotZilla

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - SlotZilla World's Largest Slot Machine
© Adventure Dragon

The world’s largest slot machine, which doubles as a zipline, stands 128 feet tall in Downtown Las Vegas.

  • 48. Downtown Container Park – Play in an adult playground made from recycled shipping containers.

At the southeastern corner of Fremont and 7th Street, you’ll find an entertainment area uniquely made from re-purposed shipping containers. In addition to housing quirky shops, restaurants, and bars, the Downtown Container Park flaunts a playground at its center (and yes, that’s made of shipping containers as well). Because this is Vegas, you’re more apt to find adults climbing the structures than kiddos though, and that’s part of its major appeal.

  • 49. See the Praying Mantis Shoot Fire at Downtown Container Park

This 40-foot long Praying Mantis sculpture is made of steel and shoots fire from its antennae just outside the entrance to Downtown Container Park. It burns 50 gallons of propane each night, and its flames can reach six stories high!

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Praying Mantis Shoots Fire at Downtown Container Park
The Praying Mantis Shoots Fire | Photo by Ali Rae Photography
  • 50. Take a Free Pull on a Slot Machine

Many of the Downtown Vegas casinos offer one free slot pull outside the entrance to their respective hotels. An attendant is usually manning the machine, and some even offer prizes such as free buffets. Tropicana Hotel, Binion’s, and Four Queens have all been known to offer free slot pulls.

  • 51. Weigh yourself on the world’s largest scale for humans

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - World's Largest Scale for Humans at Heart Attack Grill
© Adventure Dragon

You’ll find this scale outside the entrance to the Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas. The quirky restaurant offers free food to anyone who weighs over 350 pounds, so the scale exists as a silly way to test your eligibility before entering the dining establishment.

  • 52. Take a picture with a million dollars at Binions Casino.


Iconic Free Vegas Views – Don’t Miss These Awesome Photo Spots & Free Things to See in Las Vegas during the Day & Night

  • 53. Walk the Strip by day (and check out all the people in costumes)

The Strip looks completely different during the daytime than it does at night, and walking the full length of it (3 miles) is one of our favorite free things to do in Las Vegas. During the daylight hours, you can truly marvel at all the intricate architectural details of each hotel, and the overall city vibe is more laid-back and activity-focused. It’s the best time for watching shows, seeing wildlife, doing things with kids or family, and even people-watching. There’s definitely many things you’ll miss out on if you choose to only visit the Strip during the evening hours, so come during the day at least once!

  • 54. Walk the Strip by night (when everything comes alive in glowing colors)

Once the sun sets, the Strip completely transforms. The atmosphere becomes more festive, and many of the buildings and hotels are almost unrecognizable from their daytime counterparts as they begin to glow with neon colors and flashing lights. Seeing the Strip at night is a must for anyone visiting Las Vegas for the first time!

  • 55. Take a free selfie with the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign during day or night.

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Photo Spot
Awkward duck face pose is optional.

I think this iconic photo spot looks best in pictures if you visit at night, but it honestly doesn’t matter whether you choose to see it during the day or night. It makes a great photo keepsake either way! Prepare to be a little underwhelmed by its size, however. Most photographs of this spot give the illusion that the sign is much larger than it actually is in real life, so don’t go expecting to see a gigantic billboard. It’s actually rather small, but I think it’s still worth it to be able to get that iconic shot. During your first trip to Vegas, you should definitely see it, but after that, you’ll probably never have a reason to go back.

  • 56. Ride the elevator to the top floor of your hotel to take an unforgettable free photo of the Las Vegas city lights at night.

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Nighttime Hotel View from Stratosphere Tower
© Adventure Dragon
  • 57. Take a stunning daytime photo of the Las Vegas mountains from your hotel room window

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Mountains From Stratosphere Hotel Room
© Adventure Dragon
  • 58. Experience unique, aerial views of Las Vegas by riding the free tram

  • 59. See the world’s brightest light beam during nighttime at the Luxor Hotel & Casino

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Luxor Sky Beam World's Brightest Light Beam
The Luxor Sky Beam – World’s Brightest Light Beam by InSapphoWeTrust
  • 60. Return to see the Bellagio fountains when they’re illuminated in vibrant colors at night

  • 61. Pose for a free photo with a showgirl at Harrah’s Casino


Free Food and Drinks in Las Vegas

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Drink for Free When Gambling in Casinos
I drank so many of these free pina coladas! | Photo © Adventure Dragon
  • 62. Get a free chocolate sample inside Hershey’s Chocolate World on the Las Vegas Strip at the New York New York Hotel & Casino.

  • 63. Get a free chocolate sample from Ghirardelli Chocolate Store on the Las Vegas Strip at the Linq Hotel & Casino.

  • 64. According to Vegas4Locals, there’s a free whiskey experience every evening at 7 PM at Spirits and Spice inside the Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

  • 65. Get unlimited free drinks inside any casino whenever you are gambling

As long as you are gambling, you can drink for free. Servers walk around the casino floor and will approach you to ask if you’d like a drink. Some places will even give you free money to gamble (We’ll have another guide about this later). That essentially means that you can drink for free without even spending a single cent of your own money in the casino on gambling. During our first trip to Vegas, we were given 50 free dollars to gamble and left with 130 (essentially winning 80 dollars), plus drank 4 cocktails during the hour we played the slots. I still think it’s crazy that we managed to get that much stuff for free in Las Vegas!

  • 66. Sample real gelato inside the Venetian Hotel

  • 67. If you weigh over 350 lbs, you can eat at the Heart Attack Grill for free. If you’re small like me, you’ll have to pay, but I still recommend this experience because this hospital themed restaurant was one of my favorite places in Vegas.

  • 68. Attend a free timeshare presentation to get a $200 free dinner in return. (We’ve got a detailed guide for this coming soon.)

Free Dining in Las Vegas - Free Food Vouchers in Las Vegas
This was just one of the appetizers from our $200 total-price meal that we ate completely for free at Top of the World Restaurant | Photo © Adventure Dragon

We ate a $200 meal at the Top of the World Restaurant completely for free. We dined on lobster bisque, shrimp cocktail, salad, filet mignon, and lobster tail. And we didn’t pay a single penny. If you have just a couple hours of free time to spare on your Vegas trip, I highly recommend attending a timeshare presentation in exchange for free meal vouchers. It requires waking up early, but by lunch time, the gimmicky sales pitch is over, and you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day uninterrupted. You’re also able to choose from a selection of fancy luxury restaurants or famous buffets in Las Vegas when being rewarded with your meal vouchers. We opted to try out Top of the World because we were already staying at the Stratosphere Hotel, and we heard that the view from the 106-story-high revolving restaurant was something that we wouldn’t want to miss.

Gamble for Free in Las Vegas

  • 69. You Can Get Free Vouchers & Free Money to Gamble in the Casinos (Free Slot Play)

Las Vegas Free Slot Play Vouchers and Las Vegas Free Food Vouchers
These are my vouchers for free food and free slot play in Las Vegas. In total, I received $200 of free food vouchers and $50 of free slot play | Photo © Adventure Dragon

While in Las Vegas, I never spent a single penny of my own money in any of the casinos. There are multiple ways to play for free. By attending a free timeshare presentation early one morning, I was rewarded with $50 to spend in one of the casinos (in addition to $200 to spend at the fancy Top of the World Restaurant). If you aren’t on a tight schedule and have a couple hours to spare, you can attend a presentation in the morning, be done by lunch time, and then go about the rest of your day with some extra money and gifts in your pocket. You don’t have to spend anything or purchase anything during the timeshare presentation. The free money is your reward for listening to their (slightly annoying) sales pitch.

If sitting through a timeshare presentation sounds just awful to you, then there are still other ways to sometimes get free money to play in the casinos. Each of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip has its own Players Club that is completely free to join. At sign up, each of these Players Clubs rewards members with casino freebies. Sometimes it’s a free t-shirt or a free deck of playing cards. Sometimes it’s 75% off in the hotel’s restaurant, and occasionally it’s free money to spend in the casino. You won’t know what the current promotion is until you sign up, but there’s always some sort of free gift, so make sure you sign up at every single hotel that you visit.

Attend Clubs for Free in Las Vegas

  • 70. Get on Free Guest Lists to Attend Top Las Vegas Nightclubs for Free and Famous Hotel Pool Parties for Free

Get on Free Guest Lists to Attend Top Las Vegas Clubs Like the OMNIA Nightclub for Free
We attended the OMNIA Nightclub for free in Las Vegas | Photo © Adventure Dragon

There’s really no need to ever pay to go to a party or club in Las Vegas. The city and sidewalks are full of promoters trying to entice passersby to come to their events. It’s not hard at all to find one of these guys and get your name put on their guest list for free entry to whatever club they’re promoting. Most likely they’ll find YOU first, especially if you’re a lady.

Without a guest list, the cover charge for OMNIA Nightclub, for example, typically costs $25 for women or $40 for men, and that’s the pre-sale price if you purchase online in advance. If you just show up at the door, the fees can be close to $100 or more. We attended this famous club without spending a single penny, however. We signed up for the OMNIA guest list and completely skipped the cover charge. Most of the time these guest lists require you to show up by a certain time, but if you don’t mind that extra stipulation, it’s a great way to avoid spending lots of money on overpriced tickets to clubs.

The famous Strip hotel pool parties work the same way. Promoters will most likely approach you on the street and try to convince you to choose their famous pool party over someone else’s. We attended MGM Grand’s Wet Republic Pool Party for free by signing up for their free guest list through one such promoter.

Free Tours on the Las Vegas Strip

Free Las Vegas Walking Tours

  • 71. Nomad Tours and Rentals / Nomad Walking Tours

At Nomad Tours and Rentals (also commonly referred to as Nomad Walking Tours), you can take a completely free Las Vegas tour of the Strip. The two-hour walking tour teaches guests the history of Las Vegas, the reason there are casinos in the desert, and how the mafia influenced all of it. It’s also full of fun facts about the top buildings and attractions in Las Vegas. Free Las Vegas tours start in front of the Mirage Hotel volcano and are available on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

  • 72. The Las Vegas Walk of Stars – Self-Guided Tour

Similar to its Hollywood counterpart, the Las Vegas Walk of Stars celebrates a long list of celebrities integral to the history of Vegas by commemorating their achievements through engraved stars embedded into the Las Vegas streets.  You’ll find the stars spaced apart along both sides of a 4-mile stretch of Las Vegas Blvd between Sahara Ave and Russell Blvd. Be on the lookout for Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, and dozens of other giant personalities of the past! You can find a full list of all stars as well as their precise locations on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars website here.

Free Behind-the-Scenes Tours of Top Vegas Attractions

  • 73. Free Tours of Cirque du Soleil Shows

    • KÀ 360 – On Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12 and 12:30 PM, Cirque’s  KÀ show at MGM Grand opens its doors to the public for free behind-the-scenes tours of its production. You’ll learn about the history of the show and get a chance to peek behind the curtain to see the inner workings of the custom-built theater technology used to create the 165 million dollar attraction.
    • The Beatles Love Magical Technical Tour – On Fridays at 1:00 PM, you can experience a free, 30-minute narrated demonstration of the Beatles LOVE theatre at the Mirage Hotel. The behind-the-scenes look includes strobe lights and theatrical fog.

Cirque du Soleil currently has seven shows running in Las Vegas, so they almost always have free weekly tours of at least one or two of their productions going on at all times. The shows that are currently offering free tours can change, however, so it’s best to check their website here to see which productions are opening their doors for these free experiences at the time of your visit to Vegas.


Free Tour of the World in Las Vegas on the Strip

Experience Paris, France for Free in Las Vegas

  • 74. Walk the streets of Paris

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Paris Hotel Interior - Streets of Paris
© Adventure Dragon

The interior of the Paris Hotel and Casino is designed to look and feel like the streets of Paris. You’ll see street signs, various buildings, and even the silhouettes of Parisians who stand behind the windows of those buildings, living out their day-to-day lives in Paris, France. The architecture is beautiful, and the atmosphere is one you’ll have to experience for yourself during your first trip to Vegas.

  • 75. Step inside the Eiffel Tower

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Eiffel Tower Replica
© Adventure Dragon

The Paris Hotel’s most notable attraction is its half-scale 540-foot (164.6 m) tall replica of the Eiffel Tower. You can see the base of the structure–the tower’s legs–once you step inside the hotel to walk the streets of Paris. It’s even possible to take an elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but that part of the attraction is not available for free. The top actually houses an elegant restaurant serving classic French cuisine, and it’s considered one of the best restaurants in all of Las Vegas.

  • 76. Visit the Arc de Triomphe

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Arc de Triomphe Replica at Paris Hotel
The Arc de Triomphe Replica in Las Vegas | Photo used with permission by Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel also showcases its own replica of the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The real Arc de Triomphe was built in the early 1800s to honor those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

  • 77. See the Paris Opera House and the Louvre Museum

The front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is uniquely designed to resemble both the Paris Opera House and the Louvre. The real Paris Opera House was built from 1861 to 1875 and contains 1,979 seats. The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and one of the most famous buildings in France.

Experience New York City, USA for Free in Las Vegas

  • 78. See the New York Skyline and the Empire State Building

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - New York Skyline Las Vegas Empire State Building Replica
© Adventure Dragon
100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Replica of New York City Skyscrapers and Statue of Liberty
Photo Used with Permission by MGM Resorts / New York-New York Hotel Las Vegas

The skyscrapers of New York City dominate the Las Vegas skyline during your approach to the New York New York Hotel. It’s easy to get swept up in the architectural vibe of the city and forget that you’re actually way out west in Nevada.

  • 79. The Statue of Liberty

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Statue of Liberty Replica
© Adventure Dragon

The Statue of Liberty replica at New York New York Hotel stands 150 feet tall. When we visited, she was wearing a jersey to honor the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces. Lady Liberty’s jersey took 250 hours to create.

  • 80. The Brooklyn Bridge

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Brooklyn Bridge Relica
© Adventure Dragon
  • 81. Walk the streets of New York City

The interior of the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas is designed to look and feel like the streets of New York City.

Experience Giza, Egypt for Free in Las Vegas

  • 82. Visit the Great Sphinx of Giza

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Luxor Hotel Great Sphinx of Giza Replica
The Las Vegas Luxor Sphinx of Giza by Jean-Cristophe BENOIST

The exterior of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas contains a replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza. Giza is the third-largest city in Egypt, and the Sphinx is its main tourist attraction. The Vegas Sphinx replica stands 110 feet tall.

  • 83. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Luxor Pyramid of Giza Replica
Photo Used with Permission by MGM Resorts / Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

The Luxor Pyramid at the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas is a replica of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. The Vegas recreation is smaller than the original but is still the largest pyramid in the United States, standing 36 stories or 350 feet tall.

Experience Luxor, Egypt for Free in Las Vegas

  • 84. Visit the Colossi of Memnon and the Karnak & Luxor Temples

The interior of the Luxor Hotel will take you on an inspirational journey through the Egyptian city of Luxor with monuments, structures, and replicas that are inspired by the Colossi of Memnon as well as the Karnak and Luxor Temples.

Experience Bellagio, Italy for Free in Las Vegas

  • 85. Visit Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Lake Como in Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas
© Adventure Dragon

The lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel, as well as its surrounding shops, are reminiscent of Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy

Experience Venice, Italy for Free in Las Vegas

  • 86. Visit Doge’s Palace

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Replica of Doge's Palace in Venice
© Adventure Dragon
  • 87. See the Canals of Venice Outside Doge’s Palace

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Canals Outside Doge's Palace
© Adventure Dragon
  • 88. Visit St Mark’s Square | Piazza San Marco

You’ll find a replica of Venice’s Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) inside the Venetian Hotel. Of course, it’s perfectly created to appear as if you’re outdoors, so there’s even an artificial sky!! This is one of my absolute favorite spots in all of Las Vegas.

  • 89. And See Even More Venetian Canals And Gondolas Inside the Hotel

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Venetian Canals inside St Mark's Square
© Adventure Dragon

Gondola rides happen both inside and outside the hotel. Some prefer the gondolas outside the hotel. Others prefer the ones inside. The latter are my favorite because of the festive atmosphere of St Mark’s Square. And I’m a sucker for the artificial sky. It costs nothing to sit and watch either of them.

  • 90. Rialto Bridge Replica

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Replica of Rialto Bridge in Venice
© Adventure Dragon
  • 91. St Mark’s Clock Tower Replica

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Replica of St Mark's Clocktower
© Adventure Dragon

You’ll find a replica of St. Mark’s Clock Tower inside the Venetian Hotel in the center of St. Marks Square (Piazzo San Marco).

  • 92. St Mark’s Campanile Tower | St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Campanile Tower is the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica and one of the most recognizable symbols of Venice. In Venice, it’s located inside the Piazza San Marco, but you’ll find the Las Vegas replica on the outside of the hotel on the Strip.

  • 93. Church of Santa Maria del Rosario

The three-dimensional pattern on the floor in the main colonnade of the Venetian Hotel was hand fitted with Italian marble to perfectly replicate the floor of the Church of Gesuati, also known as the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario, in Venice.

Experience Cork, Ireland for Free in Las Vegas

  • 94. Kiss the Blarney Stone

The D Hotel and Casino Las Vegas owns a real piece of the Blarney Stone from Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. You’ll find it on the 2nd floor of the casino.

Experience Cancun, Mexico for Free in Las Vegas

  • 95. See a Mayan Pyramid in front of Cancun Resort

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Mayan Pyramid at Cancun Resort Las Vegas
© Adventure Dragon

Experience Berlin, Germany for Free in Las Vegas

  • 96. Pee on a Real Piece of the Berlin Wall in the Bathroom at Main Street Station Hotel & Casino

100 Free Things to do in Las Vegas - Real Piece of the Berlin Wall Urinal at Main Street Station Hotel & Casino
Berlin Wall Urinal in Las Vegas | Photo by Bill Walsh


Visit the location of 3 popular History Channel TV shows in Las Vegas for Free

  • 97. Pawn Stars – Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is the filming location of the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars.” You can tour the shop completely for free, and unlike many places in Vegas, parking is free as well.

  • 98. Counting Cars- Kount’s Kustoms

Kount’s Kustoms is home to TV show “Counting Cars” and offers free tours as well.

  • 99. American Restorations – Rick’s Restorations

If you’re a fan of the History Channel’s show “American Restorations,” you’ll want to stop by its real-life filming location–Rick’s Restorations.

Free Classes You Can Take in Las Vegas

  • 100. Learn to Gamble Like a Pro with Free Gaming Classes in the Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Many of the top hotels on the Strip offer free lessons and classes to teach you Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and even Pai Gow.


Retired Free Attractions in Las Vegas

We hunted for some of these free attractions (after hearing about them on other websites) during our own first trip to Las Vegas…only to be disappointed once we arrived to discover that they were just temporary installations that are no longer around. For that reason, we decided to include these activities here so that the same thing won’t happen to you. If you’re looking for any of these attractions, they are retired, and you will no longer find them. Sowwies.

Free Fortunes From the Lucky Cat at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

This nine-foot-tall Japanese lucky cat, or maneki-neko, used to dispense free fortunes to anyone who placed their hand on its paw. Sadly it is no more.

VOM FASS Las Vegas Free Whiskey Experience

Both their website and Facebook page have been taken down, and it looks like this free experience is no longer offered. Google shows the shop as “permanently closed.”

Tour a brewery and get free beer at the free Banger Brewery Tour.

It looks like their tour now costs $6.50 per person. I can’t find anything on their website about a free brewery tour. Perhaps they still offer a free version but just don’t advertise it? If you’ve been recently, let us know.

Free Polaroid Fotobar and Museum at the Linq Hotel

This attraction is listed on many other Free Vegas guides, but those lists are outdated because this place is permanently closed and has been for quite some time.

La Fontaine des Mers at Place de la Concorde

The Paris Hotel used to feature a replica of this famous fountain in Paris, but it was unfortunately removed during renovations years ago.


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