Meet the Team

Dragon - The Boss

adventure dragon transparent name temp

Dragon’s the main face of Adventure Dragon. And a REAL dragon. It’s important to him that we told you that. He’s a real dragon. Not a kitten pretending to be a dragon. And even if a cat were to pretend to be a dragon (he’s definitely not), he’d have to have reasons, right? Good reasons. There are always reasons. Yeah.

Jillian Michelle - Fairy Dragon Mother

Fairy Dragon Mother. Mother of Dragon. There are many names we could use, but Jillian is Dragon’s creator. And by creator we mean advisor and best friend. Because Dragon is definitely real. She just gave him the extra oomf he needed to transform from a pumpkin to a chariot kitten to a dragon. The way any good Fairy Dragon Mother would do. Just kidding– Dragon’s real, and he’s always been real, and why would you ever doubt that? Let’s go eat cake.

Chef John - Feeder of Dragons

John keeps Dragon’s belly full so that he doesn’t fly off and try to…you know…eat somebody’s goat or something. We don’t approve of eating other people’s goats. But we do approve of stuffing our faces because food equals happiness…no matter what they say. At least when John’s the one cooking it does. And you can find all his recipes on the Adventure Noms section of this website. Omnomnomnom…

Dragonriders (Dragonwriters)

See what we did there? Yeah, we think we’re clever, too. (And if you still don’t get it, try saying “Dragonrider-Dragonwriter” 10 times fast now. OooOOoooh.)

Ashley Churchill - Dragonrider Central America

Ashley took Dragon on a three-month-long backpacking adventure from Mexico all the way to Costa Rica. They swam with sharks and even surfed down a volcano. And oh yeah–They’re the bestest of buds now.

Kelli Copeland - Dragonrider Central America

Kelli and Dragon’s favorite adventure together? Cave-tubing in Belize! But you can also find them playing in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.