Spirit Air Giving Away 1,000 Miles to Every Powerball Loser

In their latest marketing effort following the heels of the 1.5 million lottery jackpot, Spirit Airlines is offering a thousand free miles to anyone and everyone who opts to claim them. Though advertised as a gift to console the hearts of the majority of the nation who did not win the lottery, you don’t actually need to have purchased any Powerball tickets to claim this award. Losers, winners, and lottery abstainers are all eligible to partake in free air miles.


How To Get Free Miles

To sign up, go to marketing.spirit.com/jackpot, fill out the form, and Spirit promises the new miles will be posted to your account within 14 days. Current Spirit Airlines customers need only to enter their first and last names as well as their Spirit number to register for the free miles. If you don’t already have an account with Spirit, you can make one for free at https://www.spirit.com/FreeSpiritEnrollment.aspx. Upon signing up, you’ll immediately be given a Spirit number which can then be plugged into the registration form to claim your free miles.
Dragon Illustration copyright Adventure Dragon. Spirit Air screenshot copyright Spirit Airlines.
^Dragon Illustration copyright ©Adventure Dragon. Spirit Air Screenshot copyright ©Spirit Air.

Traveling with Spirit Air

I must admit I’ve never flown with Spirit before, but this offer was enough to get me to make a free account to snag the miles in case I decide to try them out at some point in the future. Spirit is known for their cheap domestic flights, but I’ve also heard horror stories about poor customer service, extra baggage fees, and long flight delays, so make sure you read all the fine print before purchasing any flights with them. Happy travels!

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