Beach House for Travel Bloggers Opening in the Netherlands

The Hague– the Netherlands’ city by the sea– will soon be opening a beach house exclusively for travel bloggers. Scheduled to open summer of 2016, the house marks the country’s first attempt at setting aside a special place for writers as a way of promoting one of its cities.

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 The City of the Hague

The sponsoring city The Hague (Den Haag) lies 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Amsterdam, the country’s prime tourist location, and represents the third largest city in the Netherlands.  Only Amsterdam and Rotterdam surpass it in size, and despite Amsterdam’s official status as capital, the Hague has remained the seat of government for half a century. The city is known for its abundance of beaches and, among them, its two seaside resorts – Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

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The Beach House for Travel Bloggers

The beach house for travel bloggers will open 20 miles from the city centre on Kijkduin Beach, the Hague’s second most popular beach resort. Marketing officials hope its location will enable bloggers to experience the city as a real local so that they will, in turn, be able to generate online content that will drive more attention to the city. “The power of this bloggers house is that other people will tell the story for you,” says Marco Esser, director of Den Haag Marketing.  “How great is it that this can be done from a building on the beach in the only Dutch city by the sea?”

Visitors to the blog house will have the opportunity to swim in the North Sea, hike the wide stretch of sand dunes that align the beach, or climb up to a highlight of the area known by locals as the Celestial Vault. Upon their arrival, these bloggers will receive a Hague welcome package as well as have access to free transportation, WiFi, and 4G network. The house will officially open at the end of March and remain open throughout the 2016 beach season.

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