40 Las Vegas Outfits & Dresses for Day, Night, Clubs, & Pool Parties

Every Las Vegas outfit you could ever need is featured in this article. It can be difficult to decide what to wear for Vegas, so we’ve included the exact Las Vegas summer outfits that we wore on our trip as well additional Vegas outfit ideas that we think you’ll love. We’ve included our favorite Vegas club dresses and our favorite Vegas party outfits, including cute swimsuits for Las Vegas pool parties. And, of course, don’t forget the elegant dresses for Las Vegas that you’ll need if you hope to have a fancy dinner overlooking the city lights high up in the sky. Whether you’re looking for casual, cute, sexy, or formal, we’ve got every type of clothes for Vegas already assembled together on this list. Shoes, purses, and accessories, too!

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to purchase one of the products listed below, I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

Elegant Las Vegas Outfits to Wear to Dinner or Fancy Dining

Why You Need This Type of Vegas Outfit – There are lots of places in Vegas where you’ll want to dress up and look pretty and elegant. So don’t forget to pack a dress that can be worn out to a fancy dinner or somewhere like the Stratosphere. I’ve listed below the EXACT Las Vegas dress that I packed and wore during my trip to Vegas.

The Best Dual Las Vegas Night and Day Dinner Dress

This dress is so comfortable, pretty, and photographs extremely well. I wore it to dinner at the Top of the World Restaurant, a fine dining establishment that’s located on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Tower, over 800 feet in the air. The revolving restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 80 minutes, and at night you can see all the lights of the city twinkling below.

A girl (me) wearing my favorite Las Vegas outfit, a pretty mint green dress with pink flowers, while seated on the 106th floor of the Strat Tower looking out the window at night with all the city lights shining below
This is me wearing my favorite Vegas dress while enjoying the city lights from the top of the Strat Hotel (formerly called the Stratosphere). See below for link to purchase.

I also wore this outfit to the wedding of my cousin who got married at an elegant country club in Vegas. It’s perfect for any formal event but is light and breezy enough to not be too stifling or uncomfortable in the middle of all the harsh desert heat of Vegas. It’s so comfortable, in fact, that it also makes a perfect day dress or summer Vegas dress for just walking along the Strip.

I was able to get away with wearing this dress to both formal (wedding, fine dining) and casual (hanging out on the Strip) experiences, so it’s the perfect dress to pack if you want to save room in your suitcase by only packing just one dress. (We actually didn’t even pack a suitcase at all but instead were able to bring everything we needed using just carry-ons only!) So whether you’re looking for cute outfits for Vegas day or night, we highly recommend adding this dress to your Las Vegas packing list.

Cute Sexy Dress for Vegas that I wore on my trip and became my favorite of all my outfits for Vegas
This is an actual photo of my boyfriend and I at my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas where I once again wore this versatile dress. I really do love it so much!

Note: The following are Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase. This is, however, the exact dress that I bought from Amazon, wore to Vegas, and fell in love with, so I DO highly recommend this outfit for Vegas based off from my own personal experience. Hopefully you will like it, too.

Sexy Vegas Dresses for Dinner and Dining

Of course, sometimes just a single elegant dress won’t cut it, and you’ll be in need of more than one dinner dress for your trip. These sexy Las Vegas dresses come in a variety of different colors in addition to the ones shown below. So if you’re still in need of more outfit ideas for Vegas nights or aren’t sure what to pack for dinner, these sexy Vegas dresses just might be the perfect fit. We highly recommend packing a cocktail dress for Vegas if you’ll be attending multiple formal events and won’t be able to get away with packing just one elegant dress (like the one we recommended higher up in this article).

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Casual Cute Las Vegas Outfits to Wear on the Strip

Why You Need This Type of Vegas Outfit – The entire Las Vegas Strip is 3 miles long, but because there’s so much to see inside each hotel (they’re seriously like entire cities by themselves), it will take you all day to to walk from one end to the next. Even if you opt for shuttles, taxis, or cars, you’ll want shoes that you can comfortably walk in (think sandals, not heels) and you’ll want an outfit that is light and breezy because the Vegas heat can be unforgiving. That’s why we recommend these casual cute Vegas outfits that are super comfy and super cute.

Canal Cutie Las Vegas Day Outfit

One of out favorite places to visit in Vegas is the canals of the Venetian Hotel. It seriously looks and feels like you’re in Venice Italy. With this Canal Cutie Vegas outfit, your pictures taken in front of the gondolas will look especially pretty. We really love this dress romper, charming gondolier hat, and wicker crochet earrings paired together. The romper is built to look like a dress but actually has shorts built into it, so you can bend over, sit however you want, and be fully active on the Strip without ever having to worry about accidentally flashing your undergarments to anyone. It’s incredibly pretty and stylish to wear during a day spent in the Las Vegas hotels!

Flirty Cute Vegas Summer Outfit

This dress is comfy enough to wear for a summer day spent exploring the Vegas hotels on the Strip without sacrificing style. Pair this dress with these red sandals to really make the outfit pop! (But if you’re feeling less bold, this shoe is also available in stylish black.) We love that the sandals are flat, so you can easily spend the day walking from hotel to hotel without needing to change your shoes. And this little black moon choker is one of my all-time favorite necklaces that I own. It’s super affordable and looks so good with almost any outfit!

Boho Chic Cute Outfit for Las Vegas Strip

40 Las Vegas Outfits to Pack for Every Occasion (photo text with a woman underneath wearing a cute dress while standing in front of the Las Vegas sign)

Pair this criss-cross, wrap-back, black halter top with this boho skirt and black sandals to complete this stylish Vegas outfit. The ensemble below is not the exact same outfit as the photo above, but it’s got the same Boho Vegas vibe, is almost identical, and we really love it.

More Cute Outfits for Vegas during the Day

Cute Vegas Outfit for Summer Days

This is one of our favorite outfits for the Vegas Strip. Cute shirt, comfy shorts, and stylish necklace. Simple but fashionable. Pair it with sandals or flats so that your feet don’t get tired or hurt while walking the Strip all day. (We’ve recommended a few flats and sandal styles in other sections of this list if you need some help in picking some out. Otherwise, your favorite styles that you already have at home should do just fine.)

White Lace Pretty Vegas Outfit for Summer

This lacy ensemble is perfect for if you want to look cute and pretty while still remaining comfortable when walking the Vegas Strip in the scorching heat of summer. Trust me when I say that you will be grateful for flats instead of heels after doing all that walking. So pack a pair of jean shorts, lacy flats, and this lacy top, and you’ll have one of the cutest outfits for Vegas summer.

Ripped Jeans and Flirty Crop Top Daytime Outfit

You’ll look cute and stylish walking the Vegas Strip by day in this extra comfy, casual outfit.

Sexy Outfits for Vegas during the Day

Sexy Moon Goddess

If you’re looking for a sexy daytime outfit for Vegas instead, we recommend these butt-lifting jeans to give your backside that extra oomf. Top it off with this sexy Vegas crop top shirt and pretty crescent moon pendant necklace, and you’ll be looking extra fine. I own this exact same necklace and wear it with so many different outfits. It’s one of my absolute favorites.

Note: these blue jeans are best for if you’ll be spending a lot of time with friends indoors (such as at the casinos and bars) because it gets scorching hot during summer in Vegas. So if you’ll be spending the day outside instead, then you might want to trade the full jeans for shorts instead (we’ve recommended a few of our favorites at other spots in this list). If your Vegas trip will be during winter months, however, the jean pants should be perfect for either indoor or outdoor!

Red Hot Corset Crop Top Cutie

There’s something about red that just automatically adds sex appeal to any outfit. This red top is sexy on its own with its corset style, and it especially looks nice when you pair it with these flirty bowtie sandals. I’m so in love with corset style tops, so I own so many of these different types of shirts from different brands and manufacturers. They can be paired with jeans or shorts to create a more casual sexy vibe, or they can be worn with something like a black leather skirt to transform the ensemble into sexy club clothes. You can also pair these types of tops with a flowing skirt to create a more pretty or elegant evening look. They really are one of my favorite clothing items that I take with me on almost any trip.

Little Black Dress Las Vegas Outfits for Clubs and Nightlife

Why You Need This Type of Vegas Outfit – The clubs come alive at night in Vegas, and you can never go wrong with a little black dress. We went to the incredibly popular Omnia Club (which by the way: did you know you can get in for free in Las Vegas if you time it right?), and I wore a little black dress during my night there. I also wore a black dress while we partied at night on the Strip and took those iconic photos that everyone takes in front of the famous Las Vegas sign. I don’t remember where I purchased my exact dress, but here’s some other black dresses I love (that–to be honest–are actually a lot cuter than mine) so I think you’ll love these outfits, too.

People inside Omnia Las Vegas Club
Our night at OMNIA Nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip– See below for their dress code and for our recommendations for best dresses to wear at other Vegas clubs

Important Tip–All the clubs in Vegas have a dress code! So here’s the dress code for OMNIA Nightclub (as well as for many of the other clubs in Las Vegas):

They require (in their words) “upscale fashionable attire.” Men are required to wear collared shirts and are not allowed to wear sandals. Women are not allowed to wear backless sandals. Neither men nor women are allowed to wear athletic wear, shorts, sneakers, hats, flip flops, ripped clothing, work boots, or steel toe shoes. What to wear at the club in Vegas is mostly pretty standard across all of the nightclubs in Vegas, so as long as you follow these guidelines, you should be good. When in doubt, dress like you’re going to a formal cocktail party.

Sexy Black Bodycon Club Dress

This is one of my favorite little black dresses because it looks great on everyone, no matter your size or body shape. The dress is ruched, has plenty of stretch room, and even has a little drawstring on the side that enables you to adjust the length to make it sexier or not quite as sexy. I love it so much, and it’s the perfect party dress to wear to clubs in Vegas.

Other Favorite Little Black Dresses for Vegas

These stylish and sexy little black dresses pass all the Las Vegas club dress code requirements. So whether your night out takes you to a club or just to a party inside one of the popular hotels, you can never go wrong with the little black dress. I always recommend packing one in your suitcase on every trip.

Other All Black Nighttime Las Vegas Party Outfits

This cute Vegas outfit technically doesn’t qualify as a “Little Black Dress” because it’s not really a dress at all, but it’s still cute as heck, so if you’re looking for a Vegas party outfit and don’t mind wearing a skirt and cute top instead of a dress, then we recommend this all-black, cute outfit combo in place of the little black dress for Vegas. The black top is sparkly, and the skirt is very sexy. Perfect for a night out or at the club.

Golden Girl Corset-Top Party Outfit

I’m in love with this sequined corset-style bustier crop top. Pair it with a ruched bodycon skirt and these gold and black heels to make a sexy club dress outfit for a night out in town. Or for a more casual look, you can wear this top with a pair of sexy black shorts and some black flats, and then you’re all set to walk the Strip at night without tiring out your feet.

Las Vegas Club Outfits for Night

When the little black dress isn’t enough or you feel you need some color in your life, these sexy Vegas dresses might just be what you’re looking for. They pair really well with a pair of over-the-knee, thigh high boots in suede black. Oh, and did I mention that the first dress is super sparkly?! Glow, girl glow!

Best Little Red Party Dresses for Las Vegas

Red is super sexy. If you don’t own a red party dress yet, then you definitely need one! These are our favorites!

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Daytime Las Vegas Outfits for Pool Parties

Several of the Las Vegas hotels are known for throwing famous pool parties on the Strip. Wet Republic at MGM Grand is probably the best known, but there are several others. If you attend one of these, you’re definitely going to want to look chic and fashionable in your swimwear and coverup. Or maybe just a beach dress. Here’s some of my favorite Vegas outfits for the pool (including the exact swimsuits and coverups I packed and wore on my trip).

Best Sexy Las Vegas Party Dresses for Pool Parties

If you don’t plan to get wet, you might just want to show up for your pool party in one of these sexy beach dresses instead of worrying about a bathing suit and coverup at all!

Cutest Swimsuits for Las Vegas

This sexy swimsuit is available in 23 different colors and prints and looks fabulous paired with this cover-up skirt (which also comes in 45 different colors and prints)! We love the sexy one-piece style with the plunge neckline and cut-out, strappy sides. If you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini or just prefer the extra coverage and control of a monokini, this is one of our top picks because it’s so versatile. Yes, it’s a bathing suit, but once you add a cover-up skirt on top, it starts to look like you’re fully clothed and ready to go for a walk down the Vegas Strip, strutting your style. So we really love this style for its convenience of adding another complete outfit to your wardrobe if you so desire. I brought 3 bathingsuits with me to Las Vegas, and this was one of them.

The Cutest Cover Up Wrap Skirt for Vegas Pool Parties

This bathing suit top, when paired with this cover-up skirt, makes the cutest, stylish pool party outfit for Vegas. If you want to go for a swim, you can just take off the wrap-skirt, and you’re all set to go. But if you want to cover up more, just wear the skirt, and your whole look is complete.

Cutest Bathing Suit Coverup Outfits for Las Vegas

These coverups give you more cover without sacrificing any of the cuteness. The third one listed here is actually a dress, but I wear it most often as a coverup. It also comes in multiple colors (I have it in white and blue, but the white is a bit more see-through than I like, which is why I wear it mostly as a coverup instead of a dress.)

More Cute Las Vegas Outfit Ideas

Queen of Hearts Cute Daytime Outfit

It might be obvious by now that I own a lot of chokers and crop tops. This heart choker necklace is so cute and affordable, and just like the crescent moon pendants I listed earlier, it’s also one of my favorite accessories to pack and pair with my clothing ensembles. I also really love black and white polka dots when paired together with red, but if you’d prefer a different color combo, both this top and skirt are available in a variety of different colors to choose from!

Stylish Las Vegas Party Outfit for Winter

It doesn’t get very cold during Vegas in winter, but it can still get a little chilly, so you might want to pack a long-sleeved outfit light this one if you’ll be traveling during one of the winter months. You’ll need warmer clothes, but not the type of winter clothes you’d need if you were traveling to a northern state. Just something a little bit warmer to cover your arms and legs.

Comfy Casual Winter Outfit for Las Vegas Strip

This is another winter outfit that looks cute while walking the Strip during cooler nights in Vegas.

Plus Size Vegas Outfit Ideas

Honesty Disclaimer: Unlike the other outfits on this list, these are outfits that I haven’t actually purchased and worn myself. It’s important to me to not exclude my plus-sized friends and readers, however, so I’ve included some outfits that have great reviews by other women and that I myself think are super cute or sexy. I really love the look and style of these outfits, but since I can’t review them myself, I encourage you to read the reviews on Amazon before purchasing if you are considering buying any of these clothes. And as of with all the other links in this article, these links are also affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you, don’t worry) if you do decide to purchase any of the clothes in this list.

Plus Size Club Outfit for Vegas

This club dress comes in a variety of different colors (I also really love the black and gold one)! I’ve paired this sexy black and red party dress with these black, red, and white heels because I think they have the sexiest design and will look so stylish when worn together. The outfit look is completed with this stylish red and black crossbody bag. You’ll be turning lots of heads with your sexy self in the Vegas clubs all night.

Plus Size Las Vegas Outfit for Pool Parties

This sexy plus size swimsuit comes in 24 different colors and print styles, and the cover-up skirt comes in 19 different colors, fabrics, and skirt-lengths. Top the look off with this straw beach hat to look extra cute when you hit the pool parties in Vegas.

Plus Size Vegas Outfit for the Daytime

This adorably cute summer romper comes in 17 different colors and styles, including long sleeve, short sleeve, and spaghetti strap options. We’ve styled it with this pressed flower pendant necklace (which is available in either silver or gold) and matching pressed flower teardrop earrings.

Deciding What Clothes You Need for Vegas

This article is filled with over 40 outfits and dresses for a Vegas vacation, but there’s obviously not room (or money) to buy, pack, and bring them all. So how to you decide which clothes you need for your trip?

We recommend packing as lightly as possible (I honestly never even bring a suitcase. I just pack a carry-on full of all my Vegas outfits and other accessories.)

At a bare minimum, you will probably need at least 1 Vegas party or club dress, 1 Vegas evening gown or dinner dress, one swimsuit, and either a bathing suit cover-up or an outfit for pool areas in addition to at least one daytime outfit for every day that you will be spending in Vegas.

Hope this helps!

What Are Your Favorite Las Vegas Outfits to Pack for Sin City?

Are you bringing any of the Vegas outfits from this list? Do you have one that you especially love more than the rest? Let us know in the comments below!

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