Join Our Team - Adventure Dragon is Hiring!

Adventure Dragon is Hiring – Join our Team!

Wanna be a Dragonrider?

  • Do you travel a lot or currently live in a location we haven’t yet covered?
  • Do you enjoy taking selfies and creative photographs of beautiful places?
  • Is writing one of your passions? Are you good at it?
  • Are you a child at heart? Do you always see the good in everyone and everything? Are you a bit silly or able to have an amazingly fun time no matter where you go or what obstacles life throws your way?

You might be a good fit for our Dragon family 🙂 And yes, we’re fam before anything else– a network of friends and comrades. We want you to have fun, and we want to have fun with you.)

So here’s how it works:

Dragonriders have two options:

Write for a country you’ll be visiting–

  • Are you going on an adventure? Will you be canyoning down a waterfall in the Costa Rican rainforest? Are you going swimming with Crocodiles in Australia? Maybe you’re backpacking through ten countries in Europe in less than a month? Or volunteering with elephants in Thailand? Are you going kayaking in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico? Or swimming in the bubblegum pink waters of Lake Hillier? Or maybe the Robot Restaurant, cat cafes, and love hotels of Japan are more your style? Whatever your destination–no matter your adventure style–you can take Dragon with you and write about the experience!

Write for where you currently live–

  • Even if you’ve been stuck inside the same city your whole life, even if you think that where you live is uninteresting or boring–always remember–that same city is probably at the top of someone else’s bucket list of travel destinations. It’s not new to you, but it’s new to them. And new is exciting. There’s something unique and beautiful about every location in the world. So what makes your home special? Take Dragon there, and show us. Write about it–we want to know.

What You Get

We believe writers should never have to work for free, so we make sure all our family members are compensated with lots of free goodies. Here’s what you get:

  • Free Shirt
  • Free Plushie
  • Other travel gifts
  • Links back to your personal blog and your social media sites on every article you write for us.
  • Plus, you’ll be listed as a Dragonrider on our Team page (with a link to your Personal Bio Page with profile pic, paragraph blurb, and links to your personal blog as well as all your social media pages )


We’re looking for silly adventure seekers (like us!) who possess at least one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, photography, or English is preferred (or current enrollment in a university working towards one of these majors), but we will also consider applicants without these qualifications if they can provide evidence of exemplary writing and/or photography skills.
  • A current personal travel blog (please provide the link).

If you don’t have either of these, don’t fret. Just send us something that you think shows off your great writing and storytelling skills.

How it Works

  1. You apply (and agree to write at least 4 articles for us).
  2. If accepted, we send you a free t-shirt and Dragon plushie (both are yours to keep forever) before you ever even write your first article for us.
  3. Go adventure! Bring Dragon with you and wear your t-shirt for pictures. Take lots of pictures of Dragon, as well as of yourself, having fun! Check out some of our other articles on this site for examples.
  4. Write an article. Repeat until you have 4 articles. (Note: These do not have to be from separate trips. You may write more than one article for the same location if you did multiple adventures during a single trip in that location. Example: Swimming with Sharks in Belize and Looking for Jaguars in the Jungle were two separate articles submitted by Dragonrider Ashley from the same trip.)
  5. After 4 articles have been written, you are free to stop writing for us (and keep the shirt and plushie). If you choose to continue writing for us, you will be compensated for all articles as follows–
    1. For each submitted and approved article, $10.00 USA.

How to Apply

If you haven’t yet, please read our About Us page and familiarize yourself with our story, dreams, and ideals before deciding if you think you’ll be a good fit for our family. (It’s important to us, so we want it to be important to you, too.) Then send your cover letter, resume, blog links or writing examples, as well as answers to the following questions to

Questions to include with your email:

  1. Name of countries you wish to write about.
  2. Dates of your trip (or if you will be writing about your home country, please state that you live there.)
  3. Do you have any activities or adventures planned?
  4. Please provide links to any and all of the following that you may have– personal blog, online portfolio, writing samples for other online publications (especially if they are travel related)